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The “holy grail” of
energy drinks

Amazing flavor and ZERO calories


Ready, Steady, GO!

This is the “holy grail” of energy drinks: a hydrating, sugar-free, electrolyte-enhanced water additive that tastes AMAZING — with no jitters and no crash. 

Infused with vitamins and natural (vs. synthetic) caffeine, GO stiks provide a smooth, crash-free energy experience you can count on every time. 

GO is:

  • Natural, sugar-free energy

  • Filled with electrolytes

  • Zero calories

  • Great-tasting

  • Super-hydrating


It’s what’s inside that counts:

Green coffee-bean Extract

A supplement derived from coffee beans before they’re roasted. Supports weight loss through thermogenesis. (Green coffee beans contain useful proteins that become degraded in the roasting process.)

Guarana Extract

This plant not only helps keep you energized, it helps with your body’s metabolism, breaking down foods and extracting more energy.

Yerba Mate Extract

A botanical not only packed with antioxidants that help clear your body of free radicals, it’s also loaded with nutrients and natural caffeine. Associated with beneficial effects on mood.

But that’s not all! It’s also got B6, B12, niacin, BioPerine®
(for enhanced absorption) and a heaping helping of joy.

What people are saying about GO:

I LOVE my GO! I used to be such a coffee and soda junkie, but I stopped cold-turkey after just one serving of GO!
DANI M. — Wisconsin

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